Simple and crystal clear packaging of ideas and concepts.

MKRU.DESIGN | Milla Kruskopf, MA | millamariak at
I am a Helsinki-based graphic designer with extensive experience in scientific branding and learning experience design. I have studied user experience in the Aalto University Schools of Science & Technology and Art & Design and work in close collaboration with multiple players at the university and education sectors while working full-time on my PhD in educational psychology. In a previous career I worked in building information modelling and i.e. 2D facades of early 20th, late 19th century European architecture, which is an aesthetic that still inspires me today.
In my work, I strive to crystallize abstract concepts and ideas into stylish products with maximum impact and a first impression that leaves you in permanent wonder.
branding | presentations | infographics | learning experiences
I am currently interested in expanding my portfolio both globally and across a variety of contexts.